2 March 2021 @ 16 h 00 min – 17 h 30 min
online zoom webinar

The 5th SIMM-posium – organized by the SIMM-platform and the arts centre Bozar had to take place in Brussels on 18th and 19th December 2020, but was reformatted and is now presented in a series of 9 weekly online sessions on Tuesdays 12th January until 9th March 2021.


Session 7: Research on social music projects in the Global South (1):

chairLukas Pairon (SIMM, BE)

    • Mariana Hutchinson (Royal Conservatory The Hague, NL): ’Centro Sinfonico Infantil – The impact of stimulating the practice and appreciation of music as a form of leisure within the Cuban context’ (research in Cuba, The Netherlands, Germany)
    • Juan Sebastián Rojas (Juan N. Corpas University Foundation, Bogota, CO): ’Towards a characterization of the SIMM-field in Colombia: grassroots organizations and national programs’ (research in Colombia)
    • Sebastian Olave-Soler (Sorbonne University / CRIMIC, FR): ’From discrimination to social cohesion: the educational model of the popular wind bands in Colombia’ (research in Colombia)

The 3 short presentations of research will be followed by a panel-discussion with the presenters, and following this also a Q&A with audience attending the online session.

Lukas Pairon, chair of this session, invites those who plan to attend this session to send him their questions and concerns in advance of the session.  He will do his best to include some of them during the panel discussion or during the following Q&A. You will need to attend the session though. If so, please send your question concerning the topic of this session to: lukas.pairon@simm-platform.eu.