24 March 2019 @ 15 h 00 min
Breughelstraat 31
2018 Antwerpen

In the movie ‘The Other Son’ by Lorraine Lévy we are confronted with a true story in which two sons – one of a Jewish family from Israel, and the other of a Palestinian family somewhere in the West Bank – have been exchanged at birth, and thus grow up in the ‘wrong’ family. The families find out when their sons are 18 years old. A film taken from life. It is a film that makes you daydream about a possible future peace for the Middle East. The film is introduced by Lukas Pairon (Music Fund), who stays in Israel and Palestine for an average of 1.5 months or more per year. After seeing the film he goes into conversation with Khalid El Jafoufi (Mahara) who was part of 3rdParty, a project Lukas developed between 2009 and 2012 to get youngsters from Antwerp schools acquainted with peace activists from Israel and Palestine.

more information on the project 3rdParty (2009-2012): http://lukas-pairon.eu/3rdparty

more information on how to register for this event at Elcker-Ik, Antwerp: http://www.elcker-ik.be/InformCMS/preview/index.php?pag_id=550288&cty_id=2597