Academic Chair Jonet & Centre for Social Action & Music-Making (CESAMM)

The academic Chair Jonet and Centre for Social Action & Music-Making (CESAMM) are now being created, and have the ambition to offer from 2022-2023 on training and research on socially oriented music practices at the Ghent University and Ghent University College.

The title of the academic chair is named after the family Jonet of the Fondation Futur 21 (first sponsor of the academic chair).

Dr Lukas Pairon is initiator, co-founder and first chair holder of the academic chair and research and training centre.

The planned creation in 2022 of the Academic Chair and Centre for Social Action & Music-Making is made possible thanks to the financial input of 2 main sponsors – the VGP Foundation and the Fondation Futur 21 – and of 7 major music centres in Flanders and Brussels, which will also take on the role of ‘hubs’ to bring together practitioners of social and community music projects in their region (deSingel, Concertgebouw Brugge, De Centrale, Handelsbeurs, Musica, Flagey and the Klara Festival).

More detailed presentation can be found here: CESAMM-CentreSocialMusic_presEn_version220429.