Music Fund (2004-)

Music Fund was created in 2004-2005 and was an initiative of a music ensemble (Ictus) and a NGO (Oxfam Belgium).

Music Fund collects music instruments all over Europe, has them checked in workshops in Belgium, and then donates them to partner-projects (music schools or socio-artistic programs) in Palestine, Israel, DR Congo, Mozambique, Morocco, Haiti, Belgium, Germany, and maybe soon also in Myanmar and Vietnam (projects being studied).

Besides donating instruments, the main activity of Music Fund has quickly become the training of repair-technicians as well as opening and equiping repair workshops for its partners outside Europe.

Music Fund is in 2021 winner of the Prize for Democracy and Human Rights of the Parliament of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels.

Here you can read the Israeli journal Haaretz reporting on the arrival of Music Fund in the region in 2006.

Lukas Pairon is founder and CEO of Music Fund.


All films and videos can be found here on the vimeo channel of Music Fund, and a selection of pictures can be found by clicking right here.

Facebook-pages of Music Fund are here.

Recent interview:

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