Arts & Commitment

This series of seminars were between 2012 and 2015 proposed by Lukas Pairon to masterstudents from the different departments of the School of Arts Ghent (KASK/Conservatorium) and focused on different ways which artists found to engage and commit themselves towards the society of which they are part of.

In each session professionals were invited who are well-known in their field, and who shared their personal experiences in relation to this concern: Guy Gypens (Kaaitheater), Els Roelandt (Picasso in Palestine), Gerdi Esch, Judith Vindevogel (Walpurgis), Jan Goossens (Connexion Kin), Benjamin VerdonckCarl De KeyzerMichael BorremansMichèle VanvlasselaerSimon Allemeersch, Paul Kerstens (Connexion Kin), Fatena Algorrha (Gaza), Mattias Laga (Ledebirds), Bart Maris (The Ostend Street Orkestra, a.o.), Pieter Matthynssens & Rebecca Diependaele (Nadar Ensemble), Alain Platel (Les Ballets C de la B), researcher Geoffrey Baker (Royal Holloway University, London), and Wouter Deprez.

Some of the filmed seminars which are still available online:

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