debate – Boycott of Israel, a good idea? @ Mondial Café
Nov 22 @ 20 h 00 min

During this debate – organised by the magazine MO* – differently tuned voices will be heard on the sense and nonsense of a boycott of the state of Israel: besides Lukas Pairon, also representatives are participating of the organisations Another Jewish Voice, Viva Salud and Oxfam Solidarity. Lukas Pairon is spending 1,5 to 2 months per year working in Israel and the Palestinian territories (especially in Gaza) for Music Fund and Glazza. He has many friends – both in Israel and in Palestine – and he is therefore continuously and directly in touch with the realities of the region.

They say music saved them – cultural activist Lukas Pairon and philosopher Hans Achterhuis @ Elcker-Ik
Jan 27 @ 15 h 00 min

Today is the birthday of Mozart, a day on which we want to think about the impact of making music.

Lukas Pairon set up a major doctoral research project for the University of Ghent between 2013 and 2016 in Kinshasa (DR Congo) on the possible role of music in social projects. During his presentation he will not only talk about what he learned in Kinshasa on the possible social impact of making music (SIMM) for children and young people in difficult circumstances, but he will also focus on the thoughts of the Dutch philosopher Hans Achterhuis concerning the phenomenon of violence (see his opus magnum ‘Met Alle Geweld’). Hans Achterhuis will be present himself and will discuss his ideas with Lukas Pairon in public.

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The Jewish past of Heide – video ‘David Susskind in Heide’ and discussion with cultural activist Lukas Pairon and guide Hans Geldhof @ Elcker-Ik
Feb 17 @ 15 h 00 min

Lukas Pairon’s village Heide-Kalmthout (North of Antwerp) was in the beginning of last century largely built by Jews from Antwerp. Their synagogue was built long before the village church of Heide. And the first Yeshiva (Talmud school) of Belgium was also located in Heide, and it was internationally highly regarded. David Susskind (CCLJ) studied there as a youth for several years, and told about it during a conversation that was filmed. We look at his testimony and Lukas Pairon enters into conversation with guide Hans Geldhof about the Jewish past of the village Heide.

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film ‘The Other Son’ – introduction by Lukas Pairon, and discussion with Khalid El Jafoufi @ elcker-Ik
Mar 24 @ 15 h 00 min

In the movie ‘The Other Son’ by Lorraine Lévy we are confronted with a true story in which two sons – one of a Jewish family from Israel, and the other of a Palestinian family somewhere in the West Bank – have been exchanged at birth, and thus grow up in the ‘wrong’ family. The families find out when their sons are 18 years old. A film taken from life. It is a film that makes you daydream about a possible future peace for the Middle East. The film is introduced by Lukas Pairon (Music Fund), who stays in Israel and Palestine for an average of 1.5 months or more per year. After seeing the film he goes into conversation with Khalid El Jafoufi (Mahara) who was part of 3rdParty, a project Lukas developed between 2009 and 2012 to get youngsters from Antwerp schools acquainted with peace activists from Israel and Palestine.

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