Music Was My First Love


a fine arts exhibition on the possible impact of music making (project in development)

curator: Wim Lambrecht (in a collaboration with Lukas Pairon)

an art exhibition which can be produced/presented in different formats: as a yearlong continuously changing exhibition /or/ as an exhibition presenting some /or/ a series of its clusters during a limited period of one /or/ several months.

MWMFL exhibits art works which reflect on the possible impact of music making on the social well-being and health of man.

MWMFL can be a dynamic exhibition spread out over the period of a full year. Within the classic concept of a static exhibition the different rooms are made subordinate to a trail. The yearlong format of the exhibition can invite the audience to a broader experience over a longer period of time.

MWMFL builds bridges from the art of making music to the visual arts.

MWMFL also plans to unfold an accompanying program of musical, participatory and academic interventions. Together they can then form a chain of activities which slowly resonate and intervene upon each other. This accompanying program can then be developed in dialogue with different disciplines in the program of the house welcoming the exhibition (literature, classical and world music, cinema, Africa-program, architecture, educational and outreach program, middle east…).

In the yearlong format of the exhibition, a flux of different art works – exhibited and then replaced – will well connect with the temporality so typical of musical performances. MWMFL will allow the visitor to move between the ear and the eye.

MWMFL is actually proposed in 6 (or 7 clusters) of art presentations – each about 2 months length – (possibly) presenting works by: Berenice Abbott, Kader Attia, Allora & Calzadilla, John Cohen, Phil Collins, Manon De Boer, David Hammons, Eastman Johnson, Christian Marclay, Hana Miletic, Felix Nussbaum, Claes Oldenburg, Anri Sala, Ross Sinclair, Luc Tuymans, Joris Van de Moortel, Klaas Vanhee, P.B. Van Rossem, Jeff Wall, Co Westerik, Artur Zmijewski…

MWMFL wants to develop partnerships in the city where the exhibition is planned: share spaces and act as a sounding board for makers, listeners and viewers, to chart the social impact of music.

MWMFL is seen as a lively event. Different types of interventions, meetings, performances and symposia will be planned, such as social-artistic music workshops, concerts, lectures, films and video screenings, in collaboration with neighbouring concert halls, music and film festivals.

See a short presentation of the art works imagined as part of this future project here: MWMFL_presentatie_190416