26 September 2019 all-day
Monnaie/Munt, Brussels
1000 Brussel
Monica Zarna
+49 1522 48 49 0 59

The 2019 RESEO Conference invites SIMM founding director Lukas Pairon and Imogen Flower (PhD-researcher within the SIMM-PhD-programme at Guildhall School in London) at the Brussels National Opera (la Monnaie / de Munt).

Lukas Pairon will first shortly present SIMM (www.simm-platform.eu), the Brussels-based international scholarly association he founded. SIMM is a research platform focusing on the Social Impact of Music Making. SIMM organises and accompanies international annual symposia, conferences, publications, as well as research-seminars for scholars, practitioners, funders and governmental representatives, who have in common their interest to develop, welcome or support research on the role music making may play in social and community work with socially disadvantaged youth as well as with vulnerable and marginalised adults. Since 2018 SIMM is together with its main partner, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, developing a 3-year PhD-programme in London, focused on SIMM-research. But Lukas Pairon will then especially focus on presenting the case studies he personally did for his PhD in Kinshasa, DR Congo, with the so-called ‘witch’-children of Kinshasa and with former members of violent gangs, who all became musicians and told him that ‘music saved them’ (see: www.lukas-pairon.eu/phd). He will present the main findings and recommendations for practice which are coming out of his study of the social music projects in Kinshasa. Imogen Flower will present her research on music theatre projects proposed and developed with sex-workers in the UK and in South Africa, practice which can be of interest for members of RESEO interested to develop social music theatre projects.